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Civil Engineering

We offer a comprehensive civil engineering design service.

Our civil engineering design team have expertise across the full civil engineering spectrum which complements and completes the package of specialist consultancy services we offer.

BDB can provide advice, design solutions and project management for a wide range of civil engineering projects. 

We offer conventional civil engineering services such as foundation design, road and sewer design and topographical surveys. We also offer advice and designs on flood risk assessment, contaminated land surveys and feasibility studies for land development sites.

We provide innovative solutions, helping you realise your developments full potential.

With over 60 years combined civil engineering experience, our team will help unlock the development potential. We will assist you as client representative and design lead in identifying feasibility and viability in your proposed development design. This has never been more relevant in an era where development land is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

Working with you to bring your development to life.

We understand the challenges developers face and have a proven track record of delivering innovative ways to develop brown field sites and other sites where topography may be difficult or new accesses may be required. 

Delivering environmentally sustainable solutions to minimise impact on future generations. 

We have a strong focus on delivering environmentally sustainable solutions. Environmental considerations such as land drainage, flooding, the retention of trees and the effect of developments on the habitats of wildlife are key considerations for our design team.